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The Bylaws Chair shall:

Serve as Chairman of the Committee appointed by the President

Consider, edit and/or correlate proposed amendments submitted by members, committees to component alliances to the Board.

Present proposed amendments at the Winter Board meeting and present for adoption at the House of Delegates at State Convention.

Check conformity with National Bylaws

June 2009
Review and “remain current” with AMAA Bylaw Changes from Convention.

July 2009
Attend OSMAA Summer Board Retreat

August 31, 2009
Assist County Presidents with Bylaw Changes on the County level with a written letter or
Email.  OSMAA Staff to assist, Nancy Bennett,  

Provide a written report for the OSMAA Fall meeting.  Submit to Secretary,
Kathy Bookman,

September (14), 2009
Attend OSMAA Fall Board Meeting

November 1, 2009
Establish a meeting date for the Bylaws Committee if necessary.  Send out an agenda for the meeting ten business days in advance.  OSMAA Staff to assist, Nancy Bennett,   

December 31, 2009
Provide a written report for the OSMAA Winter Meeting with suggestions from the
Bylaws Committee for updates and changes to the OSMAA Bylaws.  Submit to
Secretary, Kathy Bookman, 

January (12), 2010
Attend OSMAA Winter Board Meeting

January 1, 2010
Submit an article reporting suggested Bylaw Changes (if any) for OSMAA to the Sooner
Heartbeat Magazine.  Submit to Editor, Debbie Sutor,  

April 1, 2010
Write an Annual Report for the State Convention Notebook.  Submit to Nancy
Bennett, OSMAA, .

Update changes in the Timeline Job Description for the next officer.  Submit to
Debbie Sutor,  

April 15--17, 2010
Attend OSMAA Annual State Convention.

Recommend and implement a vote of Bylaw Changes at the Annual Convention with
assistance from the President.  

Submit final reading of Bylaws to OSMAA Staff and Secretary to update records.
OSMAA Staff, Nancy Bennett,  and Secretary, Kathy Bookman,
Last updated:  07-16-06; 03-04-07; 08-20-07; 03-14-08; 5-23-09; 7-17-09