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2009 – 2010

“All officers shall conform to the Bylaws and Rules of Procedure and parliamentary authority of the OSMA Alliance, and such other rules as the House of Delegates or Board of Directors shall adopt”

The first vice-president shall:

Serve as chairman of the Membership Development Committee along with a Member-At-Large Liaison, RPS/MSS liaison from appropriate counties (Oklahoma and Tulsa), President, President-elect and treasurer.

Encourage recruitment and retention of members including MAL’s and the organization of new county alliances.

Seek ways to generate new interest in the alliance throughout the state.

Host Members-at-large at all state alliance functions

Solicit funds from alliance members for the purpose of paying state and national dues for RP/MS spouses (Sponsor a Spouse Program).

Supervise the membership development of established alliance.

Supervise the development of new alliances.  A minimum of 5 members are necessary to start an Alliance.  Learn the history of past Alliances now defunct and why. 

If there is a vacancy in the offices of both the president and president-elect, act as president until the next annual convention.

In the absence or inability of the president or president-elect to serve, perform the duties of the office as president.

Serve on the Planning and Development Committee.


May 1, 2009

Work with the OSMA Staff to establish a database of the following:
The OSMA County societies
The OSMAA County Alliances   
Potential OSMAA members  

Work with the OSMA Staff to implement new ideas and include a page on the existing Web Site that directs information to all kinds of members, for example:  RP/MSS, MALs, How to start a new Alliance, etc…. OSMA Staff, Nancy Bennett,  

June 1, 2009
Membership in AMAA, OSMAA and Counties begins in July 1, 2009 and ends in
June 30, 2010.  Write a letter to all County Presidents and County Membership Chairs
forwarding information from the AMAA and OSMAA concerning membership dues.
Begin to maintain an accurate list of all dues paying members and potential members. Submit information/dues to Treasurer, Anne Edmonds, and OSMA Staff, Nancy Bennett,

Work with the AMAA Membership Committee Chair to implement new ideas.

July 2009
Write a letter to all County Presidents and County Membership Chairs with suggestions
on how to increase membership in their county. Forward MAL names and contact information to appropriate counties so that they can be included in the county mailings.
OSMAA Staff, Nancy Bennett,   

Encourage County Membership Chairs, RP/MSS and MALs to attend the OSMAA Summer Retreat as well as all state board meetings as well as national meetings and leadership conferences where appropriate with a personal invitation.

Attend Summer Board Retreat

August 1, 2009-DEADLINE
Write an article for the Sooner Heartbeat Magazine concerning Membership.  Submit to
Editor, Debbie Sutor,   

August 31, 2009
Provide a written report on Membership to OSMAA Fall Board Meeting.  Submit to Secretary, Kathy Bookman, and Nancy Bennett at         

September (14), 2009
Attend OSMAA Fall Board meeting

October 2009 – Leadership Development Conference – Chicago
Try to attend LDC I for training in membership development. Contact President to arrange trip.

November 1, 2009
Submit membership numbers to AMAA Director.

December 31, 2009
Provide a written report on Membership to OSMAA Winter Board Meeting.
Submit to Secretary, Kathy Bookman, and Nancy Bennett at    

January (12), 2010
Attend OSMAA Winter Board meeting

February or March, 2010–National Meeting, if available
If unable to attend LDC I, try to attend LCD II. Arrange through President-Elect.

March 15, 2010
Write an Annual Report for the State Convention Notebook. Submit to Nancy
Bennett, OSMAA, and Kathy Bookman at  

Update changes in the Timeline Job Description for the next officer.  Submit to
Debbie Sutor,

April 2010
Attend OSMAA Annual State Convention.

Present awards recognizing the following:

  • the county with the greatest increase in members
  • the county with the greatest percentage increase in membership
  • to recognize any new alliances developed
  • to recognize individual efforts toward increase in membership

Submit final membership numbers to AMAA Director.

Last updated:  07-16-06; 03-04-07; 08-21-07; 03-14-08; 01-21-09, 7-17-09